Studio Session

Our AudioVault Active system works with your existing studio system.

Utilizing our existing microphone and amplifier, our silent sound system plugs directly in and transmitters to our headsets.

This is a great option for indoor yoga and fitness classes, or if you’d like to run a glow fitness promotion.

Outdoor Group Training
(one or multiple trainers)

Train anywhere, anytime and at any volume. Our complete wireless system.

Ideal for outdoor fitness classes our AudioVault Active Silent Sports System allows you to train your clients out of the studio or gym, with music played as loud as the user likes with your instruction clearly transmitted.

This system comes with a microphone, wireless transmitter and as many headsets as required. We have two types of headsets depending on the activity.

Our system connects to your phone via Bluetooth or cable so you can have music playing at the same time as your instruction. All via our Silent Sports System.

Multiple Levels

Looking for something a little more for your next fitness offering?

Your clients won’t easily forget this one.

By using three of our AudioVault Active Silent Sports Systems, you can offer your expertise to three different levels of fitness and ability in the same location, or have three trainers in the same space without music or instructions getting mixed.

Ask us about the possibilities of this package, and all our sports packages by completing the contact form below.

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