How many transmitters does your system include?

Our silent sound system kit comes with 4x transmitters. 3x transmitters to cover all three channels and 1x spare.

Is there a bond I need to pay?

There is no bond. We require full payment up front before releasing the equipment.

What music device do I need to connect to the transmitters?

You can use any device that connects to a standard 3.5mm head jack. This can be an I Pad, I Pod, I Phone (6 and older) laptop or even TV.

When can I pick up the equipment?

We always get in touch the week of your event to arrange your pick-up and drop off times. If your hire is on the weekend, we usually arrange pick up’s between 10-12 pm in the morning. Our warehouse is located in Osborne Park.

What happens if I lose or break a headset?

If you lose a headset, we give you a week to find the missing sets in case they pop up later. If it’s lost or broken you’ll be charged a $40 + GST fee so we can replace the missing/broken headset.

Can you ship the equipment to us?

We can arrange shipping to and from your venue if required. We work with a local courier service for any delivery outside the Perth metropolitan area. Please give us as much notice as possible so we can make sure the equipment reaches you in time.

Can I have a Dj and my own music sources connected at the same time?

Yes, you can! We provide you with the correct connections so you can plug in your own music source (as explained in point 3) or one to three Dj decks.

Do we receive instructions on how to use the silent disco system?

Yes, we include instructions in your transmitter kit as well as give you a run down on how to use the equipment when you pick it up. We can also send through an electronic copy if you wish as well, so you can get familiar with everything prior your pick up.

Do I need WiFi to connect the transmitters?

No, you don’t need WiFi. All you need is provided in the silent sound system kit you receive from us and three power points to plug in the chargers for the transmitters.

How long do the headsets last?

The headsets come fully charged and last 8-10 hours.

Do the transmitters need to be close to the dance floor?

No. You can set up the transmitters as far as 200 metres away from your dance floor and still hear everything nice and clear.

Do I have to use all three channels or does it still work if we only use one or two?   

It’s up to you if you use one, two or all three channels. We recommend telling your guests which channels you’re using so they don’t get confused.

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