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Interesting Connection: Music X Sports

There is a link between music and athletic performance. Experts believe that music reduces the perception of fatigue by 10% if the workout isn’t an overly strenuous session.

Music turns a stressful feeling into fun

Music reduces stress. Athletes can function more efficiently when listening to music during their workouts. When exercise synchronizes with music it results in an enjoyable combination and makes you want to exercise to the rhythm.










Music can act as great distraction

As much as music can create focus it can also serve as distraction. During a workout it’s normal for the body to start to feel fatigue. By introducing music the attention of the person shifts away from feeling tired. The music acts as will power for the mind to keep going even when the body seems tired. With your AudioVault Active earphones on, you barely even realise how hard you’re working out when music comes into play.










Better Performance

Researchers say that by combining music and sports, performance rates improve. Famous athletes around the world confirm with the right music they do a much harder work out and are able to push themselves further.

Haile Gebraselassie a record-setting distance runner from Ethiopia prefers to listen to the song ‘Scatman’ which tempo matches his pace of running.








Music stimulates

Music calms anxiety and creates feelings of optimism. Therefore music is commonly used before training or competitions as a stimulant. Listening to your favourite playlist through our AudioVault Active headsets could enhance your workout experience.

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